By Ekar Furniture | 24 November 2022 | 0 Comments

what you pay for is what you get

Some customers often ask me why your products are so expensive, are you a factory? Your price is several times higher than others for the same product.


I want to tell you that some factories can indeed make the same product, but the same product does not mean the same quality. We often judge the price only by a picture. If it is a professional factory, the first thing to check is whether the factory has a very experienced and excellent design talent. For example, I hired a designer who spent 20,000 yuan, but you only spent 10,000 yuan. Obviously, the difference between the two The level of design is different, and the products designed are naturally different. The products made by excellent designers are perfect in terms of line and size. This is already a different cost. Let's take a look at the raw materials used, such as leather and fabric. I use 50 yuan per meter, but yours is only 30 yuan per meter. I used a high density sponge, you just use a regular sponge. I use all solid wood, you use a mixed material of board and wood.


Nowadays, many products are made of stainless steel, which is also very different here, such as the effect of paint, the hardware products made by cheap factories will oxidize and the paint will fall off after you use it for a year or even less than a year. Black spots, or there are many imperfections on the surface of the paint, or the place where the welding is not smooth enough.


All of the above will affect our cost, so don't talk about why your price is so expensive, my dear, there is a saying that is right, what you pay for is what you get. Hope you can find a good factory

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